Manpower Outsourcing
Long Terms H.R. Outsourcing:

In this service we outsource the professional working under our sponsorship to the companies in Saudi Arabia. These candidates can be selected from a wide range of professional domains like Engineering, Accounts, Management, Information Technology, Banking, Business Continuity etc.

Recruitment Services:

In this service we perform the need analysis of the clients H.R. requirement. We then present the resource to client for the final screening and selection. The candidate is then free to work under the sponsorship of the respective client.

Recruitment staffing helps in following:
  1. Ease of recruitment and replacing.

  2. Focus on core areas of opportunity.
  3. Flexibility of employment.
  4. Long term cost advantages.
  5. Focus on specific skill set requirements or for supplementing the existing workforce.

  6. Responsive attitude towards short-term, temporary and flexible manpower needs.

  7. Assists in arrangement for a trial period of employment and on successful completion of the trial period.

Contract Recruitment:

We provide recruitment staffing on contract basis to companies for their floating requirements which could be project or product based. The employees remain our payroll but work from the company premises and report to the company.

All Statutory Liabilities of these employees are managed by us as decided mutually with the company.

We can provide consultants in the following fields:
Project Management Systems & Network Management
Security Consultants Networking Engineers
Oracle Database Consultants QC Engineers

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