Our Approach to Client Service

ITQAN vision to become one of the leading providers of value added services in the Kingdom.

Our approach to client service is designed

To display  total  commitment to  the  service  of  our

clients, to react quickly to their needs, and to provide value for money.


To  adopt  a  comprehensive  and  integrated  multi-

disciplinary approach to the provision of services based on an understanding of the requirements of each client.


To contribute to the development of our profession and to play a part in the wider

Reflecting our approach to client service, we pursue the following operating guidelines:


Our clients close contact with key persons in our team ensures open access to the expertise we offer. We strive for trusting, personal and direct cooperation, which produces results.

    A progressive service concept

Our work is based on a service concept, which is an integral part of our quality assurance. We focus on our clients expectations of our work and make every effort to go beyond these expectations. We therefore seek open-minded communication and continuous evaluation of our service.

    Innovative thinking

Far-sighted planning is a precondition for decisions made today to be of value tomorrow. We accordingly assign high priority to innovative thinking and continuously develop our working methods to the benefit of our clients.


Our thorough knowledge of national and regional matters offers exceptional benefits to our internationally oriented clients.


We focus on selected market segments, and by so doing are able to offer trade-specific, know-how to clients in the following:

    Banks and financial institutions Cement manufacturing and contractors
    Chemicals and pharmaceuticals Educational institutions
    Electronics and engineering Hotels and clubs
    Nonprofit organizations Oil and gas
    Power Transport and communication

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